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Explore our 360 Photo Booth Features

We use the latest tech for the best possible videos.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Adjustable LED Lighting

Day or night, our soft-lighting sets the ideal mood for capturing your finest moments.

Slow Motion 4K Camera

Equipped with a high-definition camera with stability control for detailed, stable videos.

Fully Battery-Operated

Our 360 Photo Booth runs entirely on batteries, ensuring you and your guests enjoy hours of continuous entertainment at any location.

Strong and Sturdy...

Solid Steel Construction

Built with a robust solid steel base, we ensure durability and stability for every event.

Professional Software

Our lightning-fast processing speeds ensure quick and efficient capture and delivery of high-quality videos.

No-Fuss Social Sharing

Email & SMS

GDPR enabled email and text sharing for immediate delivery to your guests.

Airdrop & QR Code

For instant sharing straight to your phone gallery.

Optimised for Instagram & TikTok

Easily upload your videos to your social media accounts with ease.

Creative Video Effects

Enhance your photo booth fun with dazzling effects that bring your 360 videos to life. With everything from filters to overlays, our features will transform your photos into something truly extraordinary.


Get creative with diverse filters to craft the ideal atmosphere and outcome.


Picture yourself surrounded by shimmering confetti, fireworks lighting up the background, or animated hearts gently drifting across your view.

Speed Settings

Activate slow-motion capture up to 8X at 240 frames per second.

Visual FX

Add engaging visual effects such as zooms, speed ramping, strobe lights and more.

Video Layout Options

Choose your perfect video layout


Ideal for full-screen content that utilises the entire display, perfect for sharing on Reels and TikToks.


The square layout is perfect for uniformity across all platforms, offering a classic, balanced look ideal for Instagram posts.


Perfect for wide-angle storytelling, making it a top choice for YouTube videos and landscape-oriented content.

Elevate Your Brand Presence

Leverage our 360 photo booth’s branding capabilities to amplify your event and boost brand visibility. Tailor the photo booth experience with your corporate identity to make a lasting impact.

Cohesive Experience

Guarantee a smooth journey for your guests from the moment they approach the photo booth to their final interaction, ensuring ease of use and engagement.

Data Insights

Gather important insights and feedback from your attendees using GDPR-compliant forms, enabling informed decisions and strategies.


Captivate your audience with fun activities like scratch-to-win and spin-to-win games, enhancing their experience and interaction with your brand.

Brand Exposure

Maximise brand exposure by incorporating your unique branding throughout the photo booth experience.

Customer Interaction

Boost customer engagement with custom prompts and interactive features designed to involve and entertain.

Brand Loyalty

Strengthen brand commitment by offering an unforgettable and fun experience for your guests.

Revenue Opportunities

Generate additional revenue through calls to action, sponsored content, or by presenting new experiences.

For Agencies

Agencies can significantly enhance their event offerings and client satisfaction through customised and engaging experiences with our 360 photo booth solutions.

Custom Microsite

Develop a custom-branded microsite displaying your event’s videos for attendees to revisit and share on social platforms.

Live Slideshow

Display user-generated content live on a large screen or projector, allowing attendees to see their photos and engage, enhancing the collective excitement.

Data Analytics

Acquire insights into attendee interactions and preferences with detailed analytics, helping you evaluate your event’s success and plan more effectively.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep track of your event’s success in real-time, with the ability to monitor activity, manage usage, and conduct remote troubleshooting to ensure seamless operation.

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